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TAF House material are experts in decorative Italian-made porcelain tiles and wood flooring, representing and supplying trending materials cross multiple brands specialised and dedicated to the Middle Eastern market. TAF exists to help designers and asset owners achieve interior and exterior experiences that have an impact physically, emotionally and visually.



At our communication agency, we recently had the opportunity to work with TAF House Material, a company that specializes in decorative Italian-made porcelain tiles and wood flooring. Our goal was to create a custom communication strategy for TAF that would increase their visibility and strengthen their brand identity and reputation in the Middle Eastern market.

To achieve this, we divided our team into two groups, each focused on a specific area of the project.


The first team was dedicated to social media, with a particular focus on Instagram. We created a storytelling approach that was aligned with TAF's core values and the market demands, and we used images to convey their unique aesthetic and quality. By using a mix of organic and paid content, we were able to increase their reach and engagement among their target audience.

The second team was responsible for content creation for both LinkedIn and the TAF blog. LinkedIn is a key tool in the Middle East for professional networking, and we saw an opportunity to position TAF as a thought leader in their industry.


By creating and sharing high-quality content that was informative and relevant to their target audience, we were able to establish TAF as an expert in their field.

Through our collaboration, we were able to achieve TAF's goals of increasing their visibility and strengthening their brand identity and reputation. We are proud to have helped TAF communicate their unique value proposition in a way that resonates with their target audience.

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