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#allegra i have started working in fashion and luxury when i was twenty one and for fifteen years i worked for theory, vivia by ferragamo, emilio pucci, gucci. meanwhile, i loved writing and in two thousand eleven i became a journalist working for corriere della sera and the huffington post to name a few. when i moved to london in two thousand twelve, i added a twist to my writing skills and started working full time as a strategic communication director for a digital production company, unit9. from digital to humanitarian, in two thousand sixteen i joined the united nations development programme in the united arab emirates as their editor in chief. when i met elena, we decided to work together and goodcommas is the product of this collaboration. i focus on goodcommas as chief content officer, where my strength is strategic content creation. i have graduated cum laude and honours  in history at the university of utrecht with a specialisation in conflicts, violence, and security. i am now enrolled in a master on conflict studies and human rights.  #elena with a degree on therapeutic philosophy and a specialisation in semantic web and intelligence architecture, i have worked as a junior editor for the satiric magazine, part of the dada net group, and for the chair of theoretical philosophy as the university's web manager. when i moved to the united states of america, i have been event and graphic designer for the californian party planners group. i also founded where i created downloadable graphics for private and corporate events. in the united arab emirates, i met allegra and under goodcommas i have been social media manager and marketing strategist for the clinics aig, gia, wellness avenue. i focus on goodcommas as chief social media officer, where my strength is social media strategies and campaigns.

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