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SDAC GROUP is a leading professional services group with a diverse history. As an integrated multidisciplinary consultancy firm, SDAC GROUP comprises of SDAC LAW and SDAC CONSULTING, both dedicated to achieving our clients’ ambitions and supporting them throughout legal and financial matters, from basic administrative services as payrolls, to arbitrations and M&A.



We had the pleasure of working with SDAC Group, a leading consulting group in the Middle East, on a strategic content and design project.


Our goal was to help the client improve their positioning by creating a new website and brochure, and developing a consistent tone of voice across all their communication channels.

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of the client's existing content and online presence. From there, we developed a content strategy that was aligned with the client's business objectives and targeted their key audiences. We also designed and developed a new website that not only looked great, but was optimized for search engines and user experience.

To ensure consistency in the client's communication, we developed a tone of voice that accurately reflected their brand personality and values. This tone of voice was then applied across all their communication channels, including their website, brochure, business cards and LinkedIn profile.

The project was a success, and the client was very pleased with the final outcome. So much so that when SDAC Group merged SDAC Consulting with SDAC Law, they immediately called on our agency to develop the same strategy for their new acquisition.


We were honoured to work with them again and were able to deliver a solution that effectively communicated the new brand's message to its audiences.

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